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How Serious Is Your Shoulder Pain?

Posted On 15-06-2019

With increasing age, the shoulders will be more susceptible to injury and pain. Most people don't think about their shoulders until they experience severe pain in them. Shoulder pain can even make simple activities like brushing your hair or grabbing something, difficult and painful. Shoulder pain can either occur due to injury or as a side effect of some other problem going on inside your body. If you are going through unexplained shoulder pain for a quite a long period, it means there is something severe happening inside your body.

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Medical conditions that are closely related to shoulder pain

If you are going through minor shoulder pain, wait for two or three days. It can be a result of minor cramp in the shoulder due to a twist or heavy lifting. But if the pain persists for a long period of time and it’s getting severe with each passing day, you need to consult a doctor immediately! Speaking about how serious the shoulder pain is, here are some diseases or conditions that lead to shoulder pain:

  • Tear and impingement in Rotator cuff- A tear or impingement in Rotatory cuff can lead to severe pain in the shoulder. Well, there is a basic difference. If you are experiencing a sudden weakness associated with pain it is a tear, but if you are experiencing just pain, it is an impingement. The tears mostly occur due to a sudden injury. Often these injuries are unnoticeable, as soon as you try to lift something, you will experience the pain.
  • Osteoarthritis- With the word osteoarthritis, the first thing that comes in mind is knee pain. But the fact is osteoarthritis can even occur in the shoulder. The condition develops when cartilage cushions in between the shoulder bone wear off and the bone starts rubbing against each other.
  • Both of the above-mentioned conditions that lead to shoulder pain should not be ignored and treated as early as possible. Ignoring shoulder pain can lead to damaged bones.

shoulder pain treatment in bangalore

The most reliable Orthopaedic surgeon

Shoulder pain should be assisted by a reliable and experienced orthopaedic surgeon who can find out the root cause of the problem and treat it accordingly. One such Orthopaedic surgeon is Dr. Banarji B.H. He performs the best shoulder Arthroscopy in Bangalore that too at an affordable rate.

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Last one year I was suffering from acute shoulder pain on my left shoulder. I went to several doctors, but not diagnosed.

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