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Say Goodbye To Shoulder Pain

Posted On 14-05-2018

Living in pain for years and years and having a wretched life ruin the spirit of each person. It is always advisable to be fit and fiddle so that a pleasant journey without worries on health is in line for you all. Nowadays, many complaints about shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are heard. But the complainants, apart from voicing out their pathetic condition, do not pay attention to the treatment that has to be put into consideration. Some of them keep living their lives with these issues and have no plan of tackling them as they think the pain is part and parcel of their lives. At this juncture of misery, Dr. Banarji BH, an eminent shoulder specialist in Bangalore, is there to extend his hands towards the suffering lot.

Ortho One, Orthopaedic Speciality Clinic run by Dr. Banarji sets an example for other shoulder specialists in India through his sheer perseverance for updating himself about latest medical techniques and treatments to put an end to shoulder pain. Their team maintains high standards of medical services that are viable for every patient who approaches them.

Shoulder Arthroplasty

It is carried out when other medical treatments for shoulder pain do not help the patient and he suffers from shoulder pain that has an impact on the day to day affairs of him. The ends of the broken Humerus and scapula bones found in the shoulder joints are either replaced or capped with plastic and metal and are cemented.

Shoulder Joint Replacement in Bangalore

Ortho One brings to forth should joint replacement options such as:

Total Shoulder Replacement

A very refined metal ball closely connected with the stem and socket is used to replace the surfaces of the arthritic joints.

Stemmed Hemiarthroplasty

A metal ball and stem are used in place of the head of the humerus

Resurfacing Hemiarthroplasty

A stemless cap-like prosthesis is put to use for the replacement of the humerus head’s joint surface.

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Interchanging of the socket and metal ball.

Any of these options ought to be performed if the patient suffers from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Arthropathy and Osteonecrosis.

Generally, shoulder replacement surgery in India is performed on patients after giving them anesthesia. The duration of the surgical procedure will not be more than two hours. An exercise regimen under the supervision of a physiotherapist is recommended by the doctor, in most of the cases.

Team Ortho One serves their patients with utmost care and attention. They are in a race to create a stress-free and peaceful environment for the patients because they know that at the end of the day, all that matters is self-healing of the person.

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Baby Das

Last one year I was suffering from acute shoulder pain on my left shoulder. I went to several doctors, but not diagnosed.

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